Lip Tip: Kylie Jenner

So, the littlest Jenner has admitted to having her lips filled temporarily because of insecurities.

I feel awful that a young girl a) felt the need to do it but also b) had to ‘admit’ to changing her appearance.

Yes, there is the argument she’s only young and she shouldn’t have done it. I get that but JEEZ! If I was being watched all day every day like she is – constantly scruitinized and compared to older siblings – I would probably feel the need to do something drastic as well!

I just hope people give her the benefit of being young and don’t keep harping on about it because she’s a kid! She is young and beautiful and has so much to learn in life – she needs the space to do it but whether she will ever be granted it is another thing.

People often say her family court the media. I guess, in a way, they do but remember; she was kind of forced into the public eye by her family when she was a tiny girl. She has probably never had a chance to keep out of the limelight so cut her some slack.

Big lips or thin(ner) lips; she’s beautiful. Let’s let her make her own life choices! Remember; we’ve pretty much all fallen prey to some face altering shenanigans in our youths… right? I wasn’t the only one who put concealer on their lips, right? That was a thing… wasn’t it?



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