Who are YOU?

I sometimes get a shock when I look in the mirror or see pictures of myself because who I see staring back at me isn’t always the person I feel like on the inside.

I have always felt this way – a feeling can come over me and I’ll feel like I’m taller or have a totally different face. It might sound strange. Basically I feel like I look like someone else.

This isn’t a bad thing. It’s not for a lack of self-esteem or an issue with my ‘personality’, it’s just a feeling.

For a while now I have felt myself sinking into a thought process of ‘what would she do?’ Asking myself how I’d act if I was this other person I feel like I look like on the outside.

It helps me through times when I’m feeling tired or unattractive or unfit.

Here’s a confession. I mostly picture myself to look like a particular celebrity. A woman I find to be very attractive and smart and just amazingly cool. I imagine my exterior matching hers in some way and I’m filled with a confidence I didn’t have before.

Like I said; it’s not due to a self esteem issue, I’m happy with how I actually look, it’s just sometimes I need to NOT feel like myself in order to cope with things in life. I’ve always escaped life through my imagination in varying ways and this is one of those ones that I do often enough for it to be a habit.

I won’t tell you who I imagine myself as because I don’t want people to think that think I look like her, it’s more that I feel like how I imagine her to be…

This might not have made any sense to you or, hey, maybe it made total sense. Tell me if you do this – you don’t have to tell me who you imagine to be!



One thought on “Who are YOU?

  1. I have always adored and admired women, especially their style/fitness & confidence. When I started doing YouTube I was amazed what I actually looked like, I wasn’t the grotesque horrid creature I always pictured myself as. Even now when I think of myself I automatically go to the acne ridden greasy skinned depressed loser I was for much of my life, it is a hard habit to break but being positive in your mind about yourself is such a big step and anything that can help that is worth it. I admire lots of women and have a final version of myself that I would like to get too and am slowly morphing my ideals and reality to get a happy medium.

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