Honest Eating

Are you honest about what you eat? Cheat-eating is something I think we all can admit to at some point in our life; that time where you’re eating healthy most of the time and so what’s that extra packet of crisps? Why not treat yourself to that cupcake or chocolate bar?

The trouble is cheat-eating, much like cheat-anything, is a damn slippery slope.

I lost 3 stone a few years ago. It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and something I’m very proud of. I hadn’t realised I’d eaten myself into a state I was uncomfortable with. I really didn’t notice it until I saw some unsightly pictures of myself and I realised how my weight really affected the way I felt about my body.

I lost the weight the healthy way by adopting a healthier eating lifestyle and after several months the weight melted away.

Sadly I’ve let the healthy eating go recently – mostly due to circumstance and the need to nuke some of my meals – and I’ve felt that uncomfortable itch that you get when you feel your jeans are a little tight and your tummy bulges more than you’d like.

I had started to cheat-eat without really noticing the effect. I think I thought that my at-least-once-a-week running and fitness classes I do would keep the excess off but I was wrong. My jeans are feeling too tight and I don’t like it.

I decided I needed to start honest eating again and that means writing everything I eat down.


A bite of a cake. A sniff of chocolate. It’s all being written down.

It’s only when I eat honestly that I realise where I’m going wrong. That may sound silly but you’d be surprised how many of us eat without thinking about the consequences. Even just 1 chocolate bar a day can be the difference between losing a pound so, for me, it’s not worth it. This is mostly the worst time for me to be doing this as I have SO much chocolate from Easter that I feel like I’m being tortured.

Still, it’s worth it in the end. If you don’t take the time and acknowledge the responsibility you have to yourself and your body then what’s the point?

Honest eating isn’t about counting calories, it’s not about telling others about how much you’re eating or not eating, it’s all about YOU and knowing what it is you’re putting into your body… for me it’s more about what I’m not putting into my body. I can’t even remember the last time I ate broccoli and that’s saying something because I LOVE the stuff.

If you’re looking to lose some weight the healthy way (Seriously, where are those short cuts people advertise on Instagram?) eating honest might be the kick start you need to realise you have to change your habits.



One thought on “Honest Eating

  1. I’ve always been aware that if I am lethargic or feeling fat its because my diet is always the first thing to go out the window. Having body self confidence issues thanks to acne, I was always aware how gangly and unfeminine I feel, I still have this feeling but when I spent the year eating well I felt amazingly confident and almost like I fit in my own skin. I know I can feel like this again which is some relief, I do wonder how my diet will change with backpacking. At the moment my skin is awful but that’s diet related too and stress, man chocolate cake should be calorie free!!!!


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