Admit it, you’re talented!

Admitting you’re good at something is difficult for some people to do. I know it all too well. I am one of those people who downplay praise; for me it might just be because I’m English and it’s kinda in our DNA to play the ‘aw shucks’ card.

The thing is it seems that acknowledging your own talents often implies you’re ‘big headed’. This is ridiculous but it happens!

It is totally cliché to even say it but, yes, you do actually only live once. There, I said it; YDAOLO (isn’t that the code kids use these days?).  Whilst you’re out there trying to eat healthily, exercise a few* times (*read=once) a week and enjoy as many TV shows as humanly possibly you are probably also doing some other things than you enjoy and you’re good at. Yet, I bet when someone asks you what you like to do in your spare time (read, play music, sing, take pictures etc) and ask you if you’re any good you might off handedly say you’re ‘OK…’

You are not alone (and if you don’t do this I applaud you). I do this too, I’m terrible for it, in fact. When people ask me if I’m good at writing, playing guitar, taking pictures, drawing et al. I also shrug it off with “I’m OK…”

It’s societies way of making sure none of us get any ideas about trying to make a living NOT working in an office. I’m sure of it… this might be my conspiracy-head coming through though…

Basically what I want you do to next time someone says you’re good at something is reply with a hearty THANK YOU.

When someone asks if you’re good at <insert hidden talents here> please tell them that you are GREAT at it. Because you most probably are, and even if you’re not – well, that’s none of their concern. A little white lie like that never hurt anyone.

Unless you wrote it on your CV… that’s never a good idea.


2 thoughts on “Admit it, you’re talented!

  1. I’m not good at anything I can show but I seem to have logic and commonsense more than others, sometimes I have to play down how quick I can solve things or do things because others take longer to see it and it gets them annoyed with me. I’m a quick learner which is also annoying lol

    Its funny that someone I know gave me a compliment about my G
    eekBox interview and I replied ‘Aw thank you’ because I forgot how to spell shucks lol it is a very British thing, makes me wonder how I will change in NZ, how they will act!! Lol

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    1. Logic and commonsense are the best talent things to have. I understand completely as I have common sense (kind of) and I’m baffled when I come across those who don’t! NZ will probably change you in little ways like that as things like dusting off praise are, from what I can tell, mostly typical UK habits. Maybe when you go over there you’ll just start telling people you’re the most level headed person in the world 😛


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