Eos Lipbalm <3

I’ve done an Ode to a Nose and so why not give a little lip service whilst I’m at it?

Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life? Used so many lip balms that you feel like there’s nothing out there that could possibly make your lips feel even better?

I have been like you. Going from one trusty lipbalm to the next in search for the ultimate hydration. I thought I’d found it in Neutrogena’s Lip Repair:

Sadly, like most amazing products, this one became discontinued in the UK. When I found out I was devastated.

I couldn’t go back to Carmex and the Neutrogena lipbalm stick was NOT the same. What’s a girl to do?

I used to see these egg shaped Eos balms in the hands of celebrities in magazines and, for years, dreamed of owning one. They are quite expensive and so to buy one would have been a luxury.

Luckily my mother saw how much I longed for them and bought me a pack of 5! Huzzah!

To say I’m never going back to another lipbalm is… well, it’s silly. I am the sort of person who has multiple lip balms on the go (I have 3 in my bag right now), but will I ever stop getting Eos? NEVER!

Every time I use it I actually exclaim (Out Loud) “I love this lipbalm!”. Suffice to say my colleagues at work are getting sick of it. I’m not and neither are my lips.

Invest today, thank me later.



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