Kick Ass Woman – Tallulah Willis

I’m not going to lie; I follow some of the Young Hollywood on social media sites. Perhaps not the most popular ones but the ones I find intriguing, nonetheless.

My kick ass woman of the week is Tallulah Willis because she just generally seems like a decent woman. She’s funny, smart and honest about the struggles she’s faced in life (and no doubt still faces).

It’s not like we don’t see if every day; the children of actors who are under pressure from every single angle in life. It’s a well known recipe for disaster of some kind. It’s not surprising. I find it hard enough to face my own criticism in the mirror, if there was an outside source telling me I looked like shit I’d probably beat them down until my fists bled. At which point I’d lie down in defeat and probably go a little mad.

If you want to read all about her struggles and how she overcame them see this great article in Teen Vogue. It should make you think twice about the way the media abuse young girls with either their own comments or the way they facilitate others to pass judgement.

Tallulah’s pictures on Instagram make me smile. She seems to have a great group of friends and a really close family unit. She also makes the most hilarious faces which always earn her a ‘double tap’ from me because making faces, to me, is like an art form.

So there she is; my kick ass gal of the week. Follow her on Instagram!



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