Memorable Lines -The Royal Tenebaums

“I’m going to kill myself tomorrow”

The moment in this film I never forget. Bar the rest of the film, of course. It’s one of those love it or hate it movies where the story is so bizarre and you don’t know what’s so appealing about the characters that makes you want to watch it over and over again.

Don’t ask me why this line is the one that resounds with me so much. I am not a naturally sad person but I suppose I do like to dwell on the melancholia that permeates movies and music. Perhaps that’s the reason.

The scene is emotionally charged with heartbreak and violence and is soundtracked by  the morose, heartbreaking, whisper of a song Needle in the Hay by Elliott Smith. There’s something so beautiful and tragic in the scene that the line has never left me, even thought it’s so depressing.

Oh, and I also don’t quite understand it. He says the line and then he slits his wrists but he says he’s going to do it tomorrow… but he does it right then and there… I think that’s probably a huge part of why I find it so memorable.



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