The moment of inspiration

Today I’m going to gratuitously rant about my own thoughts on inspiration because today I lack the inspiration to write a blog post.

I found, whilst sat in my usual seat in Starbucks, that I didn’t know what topic I wanted to write about today which set my mind a-reeling about the concept of inspiration, or at least planned creativity.

I find I can pretty much always come up with something to write about; writers block doesn’t get me down – ever. I have never felt ‘blocked’ because I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I’ve been writing in a moment of inspiration.

I know some people create things in this world and they feel like they are floating on a stream of magic where their every move is guided by an angelic power. This is what I would deem to be true inspiration and it’s something I can’t say I’ve often experience.

Each and every word I write is purposeful and although I do naturally flow through the process of brain to hand to internet quite freely it’s more to do with a natural, comfortable, rhythm I have in myself. I know that I can write and so I do.  Inspiring, isn’t it? To think that writing would come naturally. However, that’s where you’re wrong.

I hold back with my writing because I feel like I’m not inspired enough, sometimes. For instance I had the thought that if I were to get an agent and finally become published one day that agent and publisher might realise that I’m not someone who is driven by inspiration but someone who writes kind of by fluke and kind of because I like the sound of my own voice in my head. I fear the future person who points and shouts ‘you don’t know what you’re doing, you lack inspiration and therefore you lack passion’.

Of course, this is all nonsense but one of the most difficult things to tell yourself is ‘shut up’. I know inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. Just because I’m not following a holy light doesn’t mean I’m not inspired in some way. What drives me to write this blog, for instance?

I suppose I should just end this with that thought.


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