Kick Ass Woman – Anna Silk

My kick ass woman of the week is Anna Silk… OK, OK… she’s basically my kick ass woman of the past few years and always on my woman-crush-wednesday list (even when it’s not Wednesday).

If this face is new to you then I’m glad I could introduce you. I could have picked a saucier picture because she’s a saucy lady, however, I really didn’t think there was any need to portray her (or any woman) as a sexual object when I want to talk about how great she is as an actress.

Hailing from Canada she is the lead actress in the Showcase series Lost Girl. Or, she was – the series is now coming to a close but it doesn’t stop me from being a huge fan of hers and every woman on the show, for that matter.

Not since Buffy has a female lead caught my attention and where Buffy was cool because she was a petite girl with super powers Anna, who portrays Bo Dennis in the show, is a woman with curves who slinks and smashes her way through the scenes and is totally believable as a kick ass woman. She’s strong, she’s fit and she’s not a minuscule TV-sized gal. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, it’s just really amazing to see this woman who has curves in all the right places and who can ACT taking the bull by the horns and leading this female-heavy cast into hell and back with time to spare, vodka always chillin’ in the freezer and pizza delivery on speed dial.

She hasn’t been in many shows but I’m looking forward to seeing where she goes next. Whilst I don’t think it’s vital to appreciate a woman with talent for her ample bosom I can’t deny she’s super sexy and if there was any woman I’d admit to aspiring to be like for a healthy figure it would be her.

If you haven’t watched Lost Girl you really should just for the girl power of it all!



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