Twin Peaks… here again?

Twin Peaks – the brain child of David Lynch and the brain-melting show that captivated a generation whilst simultaneously creating a dark creature of the night that has the power to creep up on you 25 years later.

Or so we thought.

Twin Peaks was the first of it’s kind – something I think a lot of people either take for granted or just don’t know – a show which had a theme and story that spanned more than one episode at a time. Before David Lynch created the serial show TV was generally saturated with shows that didn’t have a future plan built into them. Each episode could be taken for stand alone and had no relevance to the overall outcome of the series.

For the first time in history episodes were left hanging, themes and plots ran over multiple weeks worth of viewing and it left viewers hooked. And here people were thinking Lost was the first of it’s kind. Think again. JJ Abrams has a lot to thank David Lynch for, but I don’t think he makes a secret of it so it’s all OK.

Back to Twin Peaks. If you haven’t watched it you should – it’s crazy, kooky, mind boggling stuff. It created 90’s icons and it inspired TV shows as we know and love them today. It also created the biggest future plan for a TV show…ever… as far as I know!

Without spoiling anything for you lovely readers (if you’re out there) there is a reference in the show that hints the characters may reconvene in 25 years. I don’t think anyone thought David Lynch would actually follow through but in the past year there has been movement on the Twin Peaks front – casting calls were listed, old characters we know and love appeared to be on board. Lynch, himself, confirmed all the details. Twin Peaks was coming back with a bang.

Sadly it looks like the bang is fizzling out with the lack of the buck. Showtime haven’t given Lynch the budget he has requested and what Lynch doesn’t get, no one gets. He’s an artist, he has plans. If those plans aren’t met he’s not going to give you a half-arsed attempt at something and so… he pulled out. Much to Showtime’s surprise when Lynch tweeted his decision before even talking to the reps.

Today saw an outpouring of support from the original cast who were signed up for the call back – standing firm with Lynch with the affirmation ‘No Lynch, No Lunch’…. or something far more witty. Basically; if David isn’t on board, they aren’t on board.

It’s a gusty move from all involved but it’s heart warming to know that the show means as much to the cast and crew as it does to the fans. No one wants a watered down version of the show to air and so here’s to hoping the funding is resolved and David re-assumes control of the project. There’s nothing I want to see more than a return of Special Agent Cooper – did he escape the lodge? Did Audrey get out of the bank? I, for one, would like to know!

So, although we know the answer to the burning question of the 90’s: Who Killed Laura Palmer – we still need to know one thing: Who survived Twin Peaks?



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