Sister, Sisters

Every girl needs a sister; whether it’s a blood sister or a friend who is always there for you. I’ve been blessed by both of these types, though, I am terrible at keeping up with the latter.

When you’re brought up with sisters (and you’re lucky enough to get on with them) you have this crazy close bond that can sometimes over shadow sister-friends. I am guilty of this – I am always the first to admit. I have friends who I would call sisters but when it comes to keeping that bond going I’m a lazy S.O.B.

Because I’m so close with my real sisters I can be cut off to my relationships with other women because I tend to get most of what I need in friendships in them. One sister I see every day, the other moved across the world to Australia but we still talk every day. We’re silly together, serious together, and we get each other so well I’m the first to admit I’m VERY lucky.

When it comes to my sister-friends I know I have work to do and I do plan on trying harder with them.

As a woman, hell, as a human being, I find I need different people in my life in order to maintain my clarity. With each friend or friendship group I play a different role and it’s those roles; the silly one, the thoughtful one, the encouraging one, that help me maintain who am. That may seem like a selfish thing to say but I know when I’m balanced in these roles I am a better friend.

Your sisterhood is as important as anything else in your life. We need each other so whether you have blood sisters or sister-friends remember to cherish them and work on the relationships because without girls being girls the world would go to hell, am I right?



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