Kick ass Woman – Sia

You may know Sia by her amazingly catchy songs that have been hitting the charts for, well, a very long time. Be it her own or the songs she’s written for others. The picture above might not shed any clues, though, as she mostly performs with her back to the audience or with a giant blonde wig on.

You may also know her for her recent string of music videos starring the young dancer Maddie who manages to make you feel amused but also inherently sad whilst watching her face contort along with her body to the heartbreaking tunes Sia is creating at the moment.

That being said I thought it was my duty to list Sia as my kick ass women of the week. She’s been in my good graces since the days of Zero 7; the dreamy music was used in the background of many a TV show I used to watch in the early 2000’s.

Her back story isn’t a secret; it’s out there for the world to see and she makes it abundantly clear how she feels in the way she hides on stage and also in her gut wrenching lyrics. A lyrical genius and all around amazing woman, in my book. Not only is she honest about her struggles, she’s overcome them and has kept on going with the determination I can’t help but applaud.

So, you probably know her recent songs but you may want to check out some of her older material. As there is a lot I thought I’d hit you up with a few I think are pretty spectacular.

1. Oh Father (Yes, a cover of a Madonna song, but amazing nonetheless)

2. Acadamia

3. Electric Bird

4. Lullaby

5. I Go To Sleep

Let me know what your favourites are, oh, and don’t forget to catch the latest single:


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