To Thigh For

If there’s one thing I like it’s a thigh tattoo. The picture I’ve used above to illustrate this is Meghan Tonjes’s tattoo beautifully named; Hilda.

The thing about thigh tattoo’s is that they are, mostly, used as a way to celebrate the ‘larger’ girl and you can’t grumble at that! In a world where women’s bodies are scrutinized for being ‘too…’ <insert your choice of insult here> it’s nice when a trend (Oh, I hate that word) comes about that encourages us to re-evaluate ‘beauty’.

That’s not to say I think these tattoo’s only look great on a fleshier thigh but as someone who walks around all day with thighs that could be considered Siamese twins I like the idea of people embracing what used to be considered a ‘too…’ feature.

I will always admire women who walk around with Dem Thighs. I’m not afraid to admit I don’t like my own but perhaps, one day, I’ll look down and realise they aren’t all that bad…


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