“Hey, I’d love it if you…”

Using the internet so much to do all the social media things you may have noticed you get the odd ‘strange’ person giving you really over the top praise followed by the dreaded ‘Hey! I do this too! I’d love it if you…’ <Insert whatever request you want here>

I’ve seen it in all the usual places; Twitter, Instagram, Youtube… the question is, WHY? And how do you react to it?

I never know if the person is sincerely giving praise and they really do think you would like what they do on-line, however, it breaches this Internet etiquette we have come up with where you just don’t pester people to follow you. 

Much like in real life, I suppose, it never really goes down well when you scream at someone ‘I LOVE HARRY POTTER, TOO, LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS’. Trust me, I know.

I’m not sure it’s ever made me want to follow someone else’s account, in fact, I’m more likely to avoid-avoid-avoid at all costs because… WTF?

On the flip side I can’t help but be amused whilst also nervously backing away from my computer. Have you ever clicked on a celebrity tweet and read the replies from the fans? If you do nothing else today please just head over to Taylor Swift’s account and read her fans requests. It makes you realise that no matter how strange you think you are for even following these people on-line you ain’t half as strange as the people vying for their attention.

On that note, thanks for reading. I love how your eyes work. I have eyes too- follow me?



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