Kick Ass Woman – Cassandra Ebner

The first in a line of kick-ass women I need to tell you guys about and this one is literal.

Cassandra Ebner rose to power as the Stunt Woman I Want to be Best Friends With (as I like to call her), AKA NerdzRL on Youtube, by uploading videos onto the internet of both her personal life and her training life.

For a long time she vlogged every-damn-day, which is pretty amazing normally but even  more amazing when she was doing it whilst training in a gym during the day. How she has the energy to do it is beyond me… which is why she’s in stunts and I’m not.

To give you a brief Low Down – Cassandra started vlogging as a teen; vlogging, to those not spending all their spare time on YouTube, is blogging but in video format. She gained a following with her quick wit, her family antics, and, most importantly, her kick ass attitude.

For me it wasn’t just the vlogging that drew me into her world (I’ve been watching her for around 4 years I think), no, it was the videos of her training in a gym. The reason being that I’d never even thought to imagine how a woman (or even a man) gets into stunt training. FYI… it looks hard. Really hard. The phrase “do your kicks, Cassandra” echoes in my mind when I’m running or swinging my katana around at my Samurai training because no matter how much I ache I know I’m not hurting as much as she must have.

I have no illusions of going into stunts. I’m a writer, I write and live vicariously through others – I guess that’s why I love her videos so much. She’s given me insight into a world that was closed to me, and probably many others.

And the best part? She’s succeeded, which is why she’s pretty much always my WCW (that’s Woman Crush Wednesday, even though it’s not Wednesday…) and an inspiration. Seeing her show up doing stunts in BIG TV shows and even fronting the short movie Croft, hell, even the short stunt videos she does on her second channel on YouTube Nerdz4L, it makes my heart happy watching someone achieve amazing feats of awesomeness.

So there you have it, my Kick Ass Woman of the week; Cassandra. Check her out!



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