Memorable Lines – Nick & Norah

I don’t really subscribe to any label

Is a quote that has always stuck in my head from this movie. And, may I add, what a movie! I love watching this and just letting the movie wash over me like a memory. We’ve all been there, right? One of those nights out where everything happens and it’s like an adventure that slowly turns to myth as drunken memory fails.

The reason I remember this line so much is because I feel Nick’s bluntly stated, disgruntled, annoyance. I know we all like to think that life is like that scene from Mean Girls :

But in the real world do people fit into these kinds of categories? Sure you have your obvious groups like the totally obvious-but-still-cool hipsters but other than them and the guys who wander around in track suits despite not actually planning on doing any kind of activity that warrants one does anyone even categorise others into neatly labelled groups?

I suppose if I had to choose from the Mean Girls variety I’d go with the ‘greatest people you will ever meet’ group… it just seems the most fitting.



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