I suppose the best way to go about this is to start with an introduction. This information can kind of be found on the ‘about me’ section but, for a first post, I might as well indulge my ego and boost the look of the page (so that there’s at least ONE post) for the common good… you understand!

So, I’m a writer – isn’t that what everyone says? Aren’t we what we say we are? Wait, let’s not get too deep. I’m Pretty Thoughtful not Pretty Deep; for the sake of this blog I have to put this out right now that the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

Back to the task at hand – I’m a writer of fiction and emails and tweets and just any old drivel. I am on a quest to better my life – which can be read as ‘I work in an office but it doesn’t scratch that creative itch’.

I am still in the writing stream, heading to the ocean… not yet in the river, you understand, just the stream (that means I write but I don’t write even semi-professionally as I don’t have an agent so I’m still quite a far way off being published). That hasn’t deterred me, though, I only realised a few years ago that I was even proficient at writing – I only decided to do a degree in English lit and language when I was 25 so I’m late in the game of ‘finding myself’, but here I am. Found and all that.

Whilst hunting down that illusive beast we call ‘published’ I wanted to carve a hobby out of writing other things, not just fiction but just, well… thoughts. I have had blogs before, just pitifully self indulgent things where I have waxed lyrical about my life much to the amusement of life, who only bestowed upon me a few reads but it’s funny what only a few readers can do. For me it gave me a voice and a realisation of what a voice can do. CONNECT! I made friends with strangers, without the danger (hey! it can happen! Don’t assume everyone is cat-fishin’ up this stream).

At the start of the year I made a list of accomplishme- ok, ok, new year’s resolutions. Yes. I do that! Let’s all roll our eyes.

On that list I wanted to write things – not just finish the last redraft of my first novel, edit the second, finish the third… so I wrote an article for a website I like and they ‘published’ it and the feeling was great. I approached another website hoping they’d let me write for them (still waiting to hear back) and started drawing up ideas for articles I wanted to write and stories I wanted to develop and then, last night, it hit me! Why the hell was I waiting for someone else to tell me my writing is suitable for them? Sure there is the appeal of a larger audience to think I’m a cool dudette but remember when I said only a few readers? Come on, it was literally in the last paragraph! I don’t mind only a few readers if it means connecting with people.

So to cut a long story short – hello reader! Pretty Thoughtful is here with the promise of at least a few thoughtless posts where we can laugh at how silly I am and then move on.

Hope you stick around!



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